Definition of Transshipment:

  1. Transfer of a shipment from one carrier, or more commonly, from one vessel to another whereas in transit. Transshipments are usually made (1) where there is no direct air, land, or sea link between the consignors and consignees countries, (2) where the intended port of entry is blocked, or (3) to hide the identity of the port or country of origin. Because transshipment exposes the shipment to a higher probability of damage or loss, some purchase orders or letters of credit specifically prohibit it. Also spelled as transhipment.

Synonyms of Transshipment

Air express, Airfreight, Airlift, Asportation, Bearing, Carriage, Carry, Carrying, Cartage, Conveyance, Drayage, Expressage, Ferriage, Freight, Freightage, Haulage, Hauling, Lighterage, Lugging, Packing, Portage, Porterage, Railway express, Shipment, Shipping, Telpherage, Toting, Transport, Transportation, Truckage, Waft, Waftage, Wagonage

Meaning of Transshipment & Transshipment Definition