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Transposition Error,

Transposition Error: What is the Meaning of Transposition Error?

  1. A simple definition of Transposition Error is: Error mapping describes an event in which the counter-error reverses two adjacent digits when recording transaction data. While these mistakes may seem small, they often lead to significant financial contradictions that can lead to major setbacks in other areas as well. Translation errors, which are common among accounting firms, brokerages and other financial services providers, fall into the most common category of duplicate errors.

    • Transposition error is a data entry error that occurs when two digits are accidentally confused.
    • This mistake is due to human error.
    • As small as it may seem, mistakes in their implementation can lead to significant financial consequences.
    • If discrepancies are shown in the company's accounting record, the difference between the correct amount and the incorrect amount entered is divided by 9.

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Meanings of Transposition:
  1. The act of moving something.

Sentences of Transposition
  1. Translation of the word order

Synonyms of Transposition

swapping, switch, replacing, inversion, exchange, swap, reordering, change, replacement, rearrangement, transposition, reversal, switching, substitution


Meanings of Error:
  1. malfunction

Sentences of Error
  1. Typo

Synonyms of Error

fallacy, delusion, mistake, misconception