Definition of Transportation:

  1. The action or practice of transporting convicts to a penal colony.

  2. The action of transporting someone or something or the process of being transported.

  3. Any device used to move an item from one location to another. Common forms of transportation include planes, trains, automobiles, and other two-wheel devices such as bikes or motorcycles.

  4. The process of shipping or moving an item from point A to point B.

Synonyms of Transportation

Banishment, Expulsion, Expatriation, Deportation, Eviction, Conveyance, Transportation, Transfer, Transference, Transmission, Movement, Air express, Airfreight, Airlift, Asportation, Banishment, Bearing, Blackballing, Carriage, Carry, Carrying, Cartage, Conveyance, Defrocking, Degradation, Demotion, Depluming, Deportation, Deprivation, Disbarment, Disfellowship, Displuming, Drayage, Exclusion, Excommunication, Exile, Expatriation, Expressage, Extradition, Ferriage, Freight, Freightage, Fugitation, Haulage, Hauling, Lighterage, Lugging, Moving, Ostracism, Ostracization, Outlawing, Outlawry, Packing, Portage, Porterage, Railway express, Relegation, Rustication, Shipment, Shipping, Stripping, Telpherage, Toting, Transit, Transport, Transporting, Transshipment, Truckage, Unfrocking, Waft, Waftage, Wagonage

How to use Transportation in a sentence?

  1. When taking a business trip you must budget some money for your transportation , most companies will refund this back to you.
  2. The man used his old, used car for transportation every day to drive to work and back to his house.
  3. One area where she made important changes was in the treatment of prisoners sentenced to transportation to the colonies.
  4. The era of global mass transportation.
  5. If you do not have a mode of transportation you will not be able to go to your job or to social functions as much as you want.

Meaning of Transportation & Transportation Definition

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