Transportadora Casas Bahia

Transportadora Casas Bahia

Deliver Casas Bahia on Saturday?

SIM delivery

They are provided by a private Rob or a delivery company that hires Casa Bahia.

Silk is supplied on Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Because deliveries aren't just on Sundays and holidays.

No for order fulfillment, where delay or straightening is possible. If you do not wish to receive automatic delivery times through the system, you should contact the Casa Bahiya Store Virtual Support Service for delivery schedule, which you can send or purchase within 45 days. Can show the history of

Note: Delay in delivery date should be requested 24 times before the delivery date, the information on the website will be available only after purchase. Requesting pre-verified data with a lead time of at least 24 hours, there are no cases of data transfer reactivation.

As Casas Bahia suggests, delivery services for children do not include unloading services, nor do they include the transportation of cars with ladders or cranes to places that could deliver or damage goods, or Warns consumers that fees may be charged for this.

As Casas Bahia points out, it is still not responsible for the installation of electronic devices, electronic devices, electronic devices and computer devices.


Delivery of luxury on time (when they want) I bought a camera and a wardrobe after the Silk Fry Delivery and after the Strawberry Delivery already (Strawberries reaching WS)

If you do not make a claim, then LƒÂ is not making a claim (if there are serious difficulties in calling for help) they will give you a settlement.

They gave 5 working days .. but you can check yes first .. but if it doesn't arrive tomorrow then silk is already at your house :)

Delay time or expiration date is 3 days. Don't even give half a bank ticket for purchase right now. This week most of my Uto are already leaving before 20 days and receive here in a very wonderful way. Will

It may depend on the traffic

The deal won't come tomorrow or one day because the holiday is useful and silky without which I am not

I could see a look, but I gave up! Delay where you live!

Transportadora Casas Bahia