Definition of Transparent:

  1. Action, method, or procedure that lacks hidden agendas and conditions, and complies with the disclosure requirements of transparency in word and intention.

  2. (of a material or article) allowing light to pass through so that objects behind can be distinctly seen.

  3. Feature or operation that is invisible to the observer or user. For example, print-spooling computer programs work in the background (unseen and unknown to the user) to intercept the data sent for printing and feed it to the printer at the rate it can handle. See also virtual.

Synonyms of Transparent

Apparent, Articulate, Artless, Bluff, Blunt, Broad, Brusque, Candid, Clean-cut, Clear, Clear as crystal, Clear as day, Clear as glass, Clear-cut, Cloudless, Coherent, Connected, Consistent, Crisp, Crystal, Crystal-clear, Crystalline, Defined, Definite, Diaphane, Diaphanous, Direct, Distinct, Distinguishable, Downright, Evident, Explicit, Express, Filmy, Flimsy, Forthright, Frank, Frankhearted, Free, Free-speaking, Free-spoken, Free-tongued, Gauzy, Genuine, Glassy, Gossamer, Gossamery, Guileless, Heart-to-heart, Ingenuous, Light, Light-pervious, Lightish, Lightsome, Limpid, Loud and clear, Lucent, Lucid, Luculent, Luminous, Manifest, Naive, Nonopaque, Obvious, On the level, Open, Openhearted, Outspoken, Patent, Peekaboo, Pellucid, Perspicuous, Plain, Plain-spoken, Recognizable, Relucent, Revealing, Round, See-through, Serene, Sheer, Simple, Sincere, Straight, Straight-out, Straightforward, Thin, Translucent, Translucid, Transpicuous, Unambiguous, Unchecked, Unclouded, Unconfused, Unconstrained, Understandable, Undisguised, Undissembling, Unequivocal, Unguarded, Univocal, Unmistakable, Unobscured, Unreserved, Unrestrained, Well-defined, See-through, Clear, Translucent, Pellucid, Crystal clear, Crystalline, Limpid, Glassy, Glasslike, Liquid

How to use Transparent in a sentence?

  1. The longer I worked with the new girl it was very transparent that she wanted to move up and would do anything to achieve her goal.
  2. If you want things to go well then it is important that you be transparent with nothing to hide so you dont have to remember your lies.
  3. He was never a person who would lie because he has a reputation for being transparent with all his business dealings.
  4. Transparent blue water.

Meaning of Transparent & Transparent Definition

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