Definition of Transparency:

  1. At the very least, the agreement, negotiations, procedures and transactions are open to everyone's review

  2. A prerequisite for free and fair trade, where the rules and reasons for the procedure are fair and clear to all participants.

  3. Absence of hidden agendas and conditions with the availability of comprehensive information required for cooperation, collaboration and joint decision-making.

  4. A piece of clear, translucent exit used to present data, graphics and text on the screen using an overhead projector.

  5. The situation is transparent.

  6. Clear, positive image, text or image, printed on clear plastic or glass, visible to the projector.

Synonyms of Transparency

Photocopy, Cyanotype, Blueprint, Chronophotograph, Connectedness, Crystal, Water, Photograph, Plain English, Diapositive, Diamond, Plain style, Limpidness, Simplicity, Quartz, Crystallinity, Coherence, Transparent things, Clarity, Blowup, Heliograph, Tissue paper, Celluloid, Perspex, Unequivocalness, Lucite, Lucidity, Contact printing, Microcopy, Clear-cutness, Morganite, Photomicrograph, Pinup, Diaphane, Heliochrome, Consistency, Lantern slide, Photostat, Unambiguousness, Black-and-white photograph, Chiffon, Photomontage, Unmistakableness, Cheesecake, Xerox, Distinctness, Sheers, Clearness, Telephoto, Mica, Straightforwardness, Slide, Picture, Explicitness, Transpicuity, Diapositive, Still, Mug shot, Portrait, Perspicuity, Clearness, Carnelian, Photomural, Moonstone, Still photograph, Microprint, Veil, Glassiness, Chrysolite, Translucency, Matte, Photomap, Clarity, Pellucidity, Window, Photochronograph, Cellophane, Plain speech, Photobiography, Plexiglas, Pellucidity, Wirephoto, Enlargement, Plainness, Positive, Onionskin, Projection printing, Gossamer, Lucidity, Chalcedony, Directness, Glossy, Definition, Snapshot, Hologram, Photogravure, Emerald, Aquamarine, Shot, Color print, Slide, Liquidity, Montage, Print, Voile, Photo, Xerox copy, Snap, Photostatic copy, Candid photograph, Tissue, Aerial photograph, Color photograph, Limpidity, Unadorned style, Telephotograph, Mug, Structure, Semi-matte, Citrine, Limpidity, Hyaline, Beryl

How to use Transparency in a sentence?

  1. Snow transparency
  2. During my triangle class, teachers wrote questions on an overhead projector. When he shows us how to finish, he puts it on the wall to see.
  3. Grand Canyon Color Transparency.
  4. When I arrived, I noticed the transparency of the group, as everyone smiled and looked at each other from top to bottom.
  5. Due to negligence, we were ordered to remove the door from possession. Give the impression of transparency, give employees a chance to see us.

Meaning of Transparency & Transparency Definition