Definition of Translator:

  1. A person who translates from one language into another, especially as a profession.

  2. Programming language processor (assembler, compiler, or interpreter) that converts a computer program written in one language to another.

Synonyms of Translator

Allegorist, Annotator, Cicerone, Clarifier, Commentator, Critic, Cryptanalyst, Cryptographer, Cryptologist, Decoder, Definer, Demonstrator, Demythologizer, Diaskeuast, Dragoman, Editor, Emendator, Emender, Euhemerist, Exegesist, Exegete, Exegetist, Explainer, Explicator, Exponent, Expositor, Expounder, Go-between, Guide, Hermeneut, Interpreter, Lexicographer, Metaphrast, Oneirocritic, Paraphrast, Scholiast, Textual critic, Interpreter, Transcriber, Transliterator, Paraphraser, Decipherer

How to use Translator in a sentence?

  1. The translator was a necessary layer in the software engineering process as the analyst could not write in machine code.
  2. Professional women such as translators, doctors, lawyers, artists and writers have been forced from their jobs and told to stay in their homes.
  3. I would be playing the role of the translator and I would have to sign a certain agreement to sell my translation abilities.
  4. See if this translator can be used to convert the program from C++ to Visual Basic, as this will make the changeover to the new format much more compatible with the new systems coming.

Meaning of Translator & Translator Definition