Definition of Translation:

  1. Computing: Conversion of information from one form into another equivalent form, without any loss or alteration of meaning. For example, converting a source language program into an object-oriented language one, or analog signals into digital signals.

  2. Accounting: Restatement of financial statement in a currency other than in which it was originally denominated.

Synonyms of Translation

Alteration, Amplification, Apotheosis, Ascension, Assumption, Avatar, Bilingual text, Carrying, Catabolism, Catalysis, Change, Clavis, Communication, Conduction, Consubstantiation, Contagion, Convection, Conversion, Conveyance, Crib, Decipherment, Decoding, Delivery, Deportation, Diapedesis, Diffusion, Dispatch, Displacement, Dissemination, Elucidation, Explanation, Export, Exportation, Expulsion, Extradition, Faithful translation, Forwarding, Free translation, Gathering, Gloss, Glossary, Heterotopia, Import, Importation, Interchange, Interlinear, Interlinear translation, Interpretation, Key, Loose translation, Metabolism, Metagenesis, Metamorphism, Metamorphosis, Metaphrase, Metastasis, Metathesis, Metempsychosis, Migration, Movement, Moving, Mutant, Mutated form, Mutation, Mutual transfer, Osmosis, Paraphrase, Passage, Passing over, Perfusion, Permutation, Pony, Reincarnation, Rendering, Rendition, Restatement, Resurrection, Rewording, Rewrite, Rewriting, Sending, Shipment, Shipping, Sport, Spread, Spreading, The Ascension, The Assumption, Transanimation, Transcription, Transduction, Transfer, Transfer of property, Transference, Transferral, Transfiguration, Transfigurement, Transformation, Transformism, Transfusion, Transit, Transition, Transliteration, Translocation, Transmigration, Transmigration of souls, Transmission, Transmittal, Transmittance, Transmogrification, Transmutation, Transplacement, Transplantation, Transport, Transportation, Transposal, Transposition, Transubstantiation, Travel, Trot

How to use Translation in a sentence?

  1. When the college student visited France she needed to buy a special dictionary that would help with the translation of languages.
  2. I ordered a Japanese appliance online for my new kitchen. Even though the instructions were in English, I could not understand them. The translation was poor.
  3. The developers were struggling with the translation project, as they could not see a way to convert some of the values in the old database into a format supported by the new one.

Meaning of Translation & Translation Definition

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