Translate You Are Beautiful To Italian

Translate You Are Beautiful To Italian

Please translate Do you make my life more beautiful in Italian? 3

I'm interested in getting a tattoo with this sentence, so I need a good translation.

This is what I got from Google Translate ... seriously? Or does it sound weird? La Mia Vita Bella

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Thanks for your reply,

So which choice should I make?

You make my Vita beautiful. You have surrendered. ???

Thank you very much!

I am Italian, sorry if I have made many grammatical mistakes in English.

The correct translation is: tu surrender la mia vita belisema.

But this is not a perfect translation of the meaning of the sentence.

My suggestion is to change the translation of the word butyl to stupanda. This word is the strongest and most poetic.

In my opinion, the most accurate translation is:

You created an incredible Mia Vita.

Translate You Are Beautiful To Italian

Translate You Are Beautiful To Italian

You did (or did) La Mia Vita very well.

You make my Vita beautiful.

It's like each other ... Randy Bella La Mia Vita.


Beautiful beauty

my friend

Vita La Fur

I thought it would be: Surrender La Mia Vita Bella.

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I am sorry to have been married for so long and I have no regrets about having children. No, I don't think it's all for a good cause. It would be nice to follow through, but I'm probably trying to appeal to others with my regrets instead of comforting myself. I know others who regret not having or adopting young children, so I say this to tell others that not having small children is as important as not having small children.

You don't really pray. My beauty life has been translated correctly. You may need to find another word that is a little easier to translate.

Remember that the sound of a swing and its meaning can be very different if translated literally. This can change the meaning or omit the spoken word. Some sentences are not easy to translate.

Translate You Are Beautiful To Italian