Definition of Transformation:

  1. In the organizational context, an important and fundamental change process that takes the organization in a new direction and takes it to a whole new level of performance. Unlike the reverse (which involves additional progress at the same level), the changes involve a fundamental change of character and have little or no resemblance to previous configurations or structures.

  2. Deep or dramatic changes in shape or form.

Synonyms of Transformation

Batten, Revisionism, Fabianism, Utopianism, Flat, Reform, Transposition, Reformation, Assimilation, Metempsychosis, Consubstantiation, Revolution, Metathesis, Metamorphism, Tableau, Interpolation, Switch-over, Mutation, Hanging, Notation, Screen, Progressivism, Assumption, Radicalism, Approximation, Modification, Flip-flop, Translation, Differentiation, Mutant, Woodcut, Backdrop, Side scene, Multiplication, Re-formation, Evolution, Progress, Reduction, Sea change, Metamorphosis, Revision, Volte-face, Growth, Avatar, Proportion, Permutation, Division, Reformism, Involution, Turning into, Reversal, Alteration, Transmutation, Reconversion, Transformation scene, Evolution, Metagenesis, Metamorphosis, Extrapolation, Drop curtain, About-face, Teaser, Catalysis, Flipper, Transmogrification, Inversion, Becoming, Mutation, Extremism, Wingcut, Naturalization, Cyclorama, Metastasis, Lapse, Curtain board, Metabolism, Border, Catabolism, Mutated form, Counterweight, Shift, Passage, Reincarnation, Alteration, Transfigurement, Stage screw, Alchemy, Displacement, Scenery, Transition, Tormentor, Transubstantiation, Translocation, Subtraction, Cloth, Transfiguration, Modification, Radical reform, Transformism, Act drop, Practice, Coulisse, Scene, Decor, Change, Conversion, Switch, Meliorism, Addition, Integration, Fire curtain, Asbestos board, Tab, Asbestos, Transanimation, Change, Variation, Gradualism, Equation, Heterotopia, Transit, Transfiguration, Resolution, Sport, Changeover, Curtain, Drop, Transmigration, Wing, Amendment, Change-over, Regeneration, Conversion, Rag

How to use Transformation in a sentence?

  1. Twelve years have passed since he visited his hometown and was pleased to see that the city has undergone urban transformation thanks to the construction of new roads and a better urban center with office buildings. Modern and with a large and beautiful garden.
  2. The university's new chancellor changed his culture and reputation, won numerous national awards for employee satisfaction and attracted many other high-quality students who could choose to go anywhere.
  3. Sometimes companies change when they want to change their image or introduce a brand new product line.
  4. There were fundamental changes in the landscape.

Meaning of Transformation & Transformation Definition