Definition of Transfer:

  1. An act of moving something or someone to another place.

  2. Move from one place to another.

  3. An act of changing to another place, route, or means of transportation during a journey.

  4. Real estate: Conveyance of title to a property from the seller to the buyer through a deed of transfer, following payment of the price.

  5. Securities trading: Delivery of a stock (share) certificate by the sellers broker to the buyers broker followed by conveyance of the title by recording the change in the stock (share) register.

  6. Change to another place, route, or means of transportation during a journey.

  7. Banking: Moving funds among two or more accounts held by the same or different entities.

  8. Make over the possession of (property, a right, or a responsibility) to someone else.

  9. A small colored picture or design on paper, which can be transferred to another surface by being pressed or heated.

  10. Change (the sense of a word or phrase) by extension or metaphor.

Synonyms of Transfer

Move, Convey, Shift, Remove, Take, Carry, Fetch, Lift, Bring, Bear, Conduct, Send, Pass on, Transport, Relay, Change, Relocate, Resettle, Transplant, Uproot, Abalienate, Accredit, Alien, Alienate, Amortize, Announcement, Apograph, Assign, Authorize, Barter, Bequeath, Bring, Broadcast, Carbon, Carbon copy, Carry, Carry over, Cart, Cede, Change, Charge, Charter, Circulate, Come across with, Commission, Commit, Communicate, Communication, Conduction, Confer, Consign, Contagion, Convection, Convey, Conveyance, Deed, Deed over, Delegate, Deliver, Deliver over, Delivery, Demise, Deport, Deportation, Depute, Deputize, Detach, Detail, Devolute, Devolve, Devolve upon, Diapedesis, Diffuse, Diffusion, Disclosure, Dislocate, Dispense, Disseminate, Dissemination, Distribute, Disturb, Empower, Enfeoff, Entrust, Exchange, Expel, Export, Exportation, Expulsion, Extradite, Extradition, Feed, Fiche, Find, Fork over, Forward, Get across, Get over, Give, Give in, Give in charge, Give out, Give over, Give title to, Give word, Giving, Hand, Hand down, Hand forward, Hand in, Hand on, Hand out, Hand over, Haul, Impart, Impartation, Imparting, Impartment, Import, Importation, Interchange, Leave word, License, Make known, Make over, Manifold, Metastasis, Metastasize, Metathesis, Metathesize, Metempsychosis, Microcopy, Microfiche, Microform, Migration, Mission, Move, Mutual transfer, Negotiate, Notification, Osmosis, Pass, Pass along, Pass on, Pass out, Pass over, Pass the buck, Passage, Passing over, Perfuse, Perfusion, Post, Publication, Reach, Recording, Relay, Relocate, Remove, Render, Report, Resign, Rubbing, Sell, Send, Send out, Send word, Settle, Settle on, Share, Share with, Sharing, Shift, Ship, Sign away, Sign over, Signal, Spread, Spreading, Surrender, Switch, Take, Tell, Telling, Tenor, Tracing, Trade, Transcript, Transcription, Transduction, Transfer of property, Transfer property, Transference, Transfuse, Transfusion, Transit, Transition, Translate, Translation, Translocate, Translocation, Transmigration, Transmigration of souls, Transmission, Transmit, Transmittal, Transmittance, Transplace, Transplacement, Transplant, Transplantation, Transport, Transposal, Transpose, Transposition, Travel, Turn over, Warrant, Movement, Move, Moving, Shifting, Shift, Handover, Relocation, Repositioning, Transplant, Redirection, Conveyance, Transferral, Transference, Removal, Change, Changeover, Switch, Conversion, Hand over, Pass on, Make over, Turn over, Sign over, Transmit, Convey, Consign, Commit, Devolve, Assign, Cede, Surrender, Relinquish, Delegate, Entrust, Grant, Give, Refer

How to use Transfer in a sentence?

  1. John advised him to transfer from Rome airport to the railroad station.
  2. The boys parents promised to transfer one hundred dollars to his bank account every month while he was away at college.
  3. We will transfer full planning responsibility to local authorities.
  4. I went to sleep on the couch before transferring to my bedroom later in the night.
  5. T-shirts with iron-on transfers.
  6. A transfer of funds can speed up the payment process instead of waiting for a check to clear or to gather cash.
  7. It took three hours and several bus transfers to get there.
  8. A transfer of wealth to the poorer nations.
  9. Sometimes it is a good idea to use a transfer of funds instead of cash because it will make things a lot easier.
  10. Between Latin and English, the sense was transferred from the inhabitants to the place.

Meaning of Transfer & Transfer Definition

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Transfer Meanings:

Transfer funds from one account to another.

Moving or moving from one place, person or object to another.

Meanings of Transfer

  1. Move from place to place.

  2. Switch to another location, route, or mode of transport when traveling.

  3. Transfer of property (ownership, rights or obligations) to another person.

  4. Replace (word or phrase meaning) with an extension or metaphor.

  5. The act of moving something else.

  6. A small colored drawing or image on paper that can be moved to another level by pressing or heating.

  7. The act of moving to another place, route or means of transportation during the journey.

Sentences of Transfer

  1. I fell asleep on the sofa before going to my room that night.

  2. John advised him to go to the train station from Rome airport.

  3. We will transfer the entire responsibility of planning to the local authorities.

  4. Instead, between Latin and English, meaning moved by inhabitants

  5. Transfer of wealth to the poorest countries

  6. Iron transfer shirt


What is The Meaning of Transfer?

A simple definition of Transfer is: The movement of a knot from one pearl to another.

Transfer can be defined as, Moving or moving from one place, person or thing to another.

Meanings of Transfer

  1. Moving from one place to another.

  2. Change location, route or mode of transport during travel.

  3. Transfer ownership (ownership, rights or responsibilities) to another person.

  4. Change the meaning of a word or phrase by extension or metaphor.

  5. The process by which something or someone is transferred to another place, another organization, another team, etc.

  6. A small colored drawing or paper drawing that can be moved to another level by pressing or heating.

  7. Changes in location, route or mode of transport during travel.

Sentences of Transfer

  1. It intends to transfer the equity of these resources to the state treasury.

  2. Passengers need to change trains for the next international flight to Heathrow.

  3. We transfer all planning responsibilities to local authorities.

  4. Rather, between Latin and English, it means moving residents.

  5. Transfer of wealth to the poorest countries of the European Union

  6. T-shirt with iron transfer.

Synonyms of Transfer

channel, divert


What is Transfer?

  1. Movement of nodes from one account to another.

Meanings of Transfer

  1. Small color drawings or paper drawings that can be moved to another level by pressing or heating.

  2. Change of location, route or mode of transport during travel.

Sentences of Transfer

  1. The bus fare between the airport and the city center costs about £ 11.