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Transfer agent,

Definition of Transfer agent:

  1. A transfer agent is a trust company, bank, or similar institution assigned by a corporation for the purposes of maintaining an investor's financial records and tracking each investor's account balance. The transfer agent records transactions, cancels and issues certificates, processes investor mailings, and handles a host of other investor problems, including reissuing lost or stolen certificates.

  2. Bank, person, or trust company that is entrusted by a firm to issue, register, and redeem securities on its behalf. In case of bonds and other debt securities a transfer agent is called a registrar.

  3. Transfer agents work closely with registrars to ensure investors receive their due interest and dividend payments in a timely manner. Transfer agents likewise oversee the mailing of monthly investment statements to mutual fund shareholders.

How to use Transfer agent in a sentence?

  1. A transfer agent plays a vital role in acting as a liaison between a company's registrar and an investor.
  2. You should try and talk with a transfer agent if you think that there may be different ways for your business to grow.
  3. The transfer agent successfully completed the transaction so all parties involved were made whole and happy by the services rendered.
  4. He was the transfer agent and that was good to hear because I really trusted him and knew he would do a great job.
  5. Bond transfer agents make sure bondholders receive their due interest payments, plus the face value of the bond, once it reaches maturity.
  6. Stock transfer agents make sure shareholders receive dividend payments in a timely manner.
  7. Transfer agents closely maintain an investor's account balances and electronically maintain certificates of security ownership.

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