Transactional Profit Method

Transactional Profit Method,

What is Transactional Profit Method?

Transactional Profit Method means: A method of exchanging transfer prices that verifies the proceeds from certain transactions controlled by one or more of the persons involved in the transaction.

Literal Meanings of Transactional Profit Method


Meanings of Transactional:
  1. When it comes to doing business, mainly buying and selling.

Sentences of Transactional
  1. Access to transaction data, such as purchase records


Meanings of Profit:
  1. The difference between the financial gain, especially the money received, and the money spent on buying, operating or producing something.

  2. Get financial benefits or benefits, especially from investment.

Sentences of Profit
  1. Pre-tax benefits

  2. The only people who benefited from the whole incident were lawyers.

Synonyms of Profit

financial gain, gain, return, returns, payback, dividend, interest, yield, surplus, excess, make money, make a killing, make a profit


Meanings of Method:
  1. A special form of process, specifically organized or established, to reach or deal with something.

Synonyms of Method

procedure, technique, system, practice, routine, modus operandi, method of working, formula, process, means, medium, mechanism