Transaction-based Expenses

Transaction-based Expenses,

What is The Definition of Transaction-based Expenses?

  • Fees are based on specific service performance or planned transactions.

Literal Meanings of Transaction-based Expenses


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. Examples of buying or selling something in a business transaction.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business transactions

Synonyms of Transaction

negotiation, bond, treaty, compact, agreement, deal, settlement, bargain, pact, contract, affair, undertaking, arrangement, business


Meanings of Based:
  1. Use as a base or starting point for something (as defined).

  2. Keep it in a special place like the operational center.

  3. The lower part or edge of something, especially the part where something rests or rests.

  4. An imaginary structure or entity on which something depends or is dependent.

  5. A place used by the Armed Forces or any other headquarters as an operation center.

  6. Important or important elements or components that are added by other things.

  7. Substances that react with lactic acid to form salts and water or (more commonly) can absorb or neutralize hydrogen ions.

  8. The middle part of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

  9. Root or root word or derivative

  10. Numbers used as the basis of a numerical scale.

  11. You must reach each of the four seasons to reach the race.

  12. No bad morals.

  13. Appears or agrees with lower class people.

  14. Not made of (coins or other items) precious metals.

Sentences of Based
  1. The film is based on a novel by Pat Conroy

  2. The Scientific Policy Review Unit is located at the University of Sussex

  3. He is sitting at the foot of a tree

  4. The city's economic base collapsed

  5. Back to base

  6. Soap based on vegetable oil

  7. Nitric acid reacts with nitric salts and water bases.

  8. A transistor consists of three parts: a base, a collector and an emitter.

Synonyms of Based

form, improper, rest, garrison, immoral, locate, sinful, establish, build, station, evil, foot, install, low, wicked, site, camp, plinth, pedestal, settlement, place, post, bad, ground, situate, substructure


Meanings of Expenses:
  1. Compensation as a tax base (a cost item)

  2. Incl costs or necessities of something.

Sentences of Expenses
  1. The conference room comes with great effort.

Synonyms of Expenses

cost, price