Definition of Tramp:

  1. A metal plate protecting the sole of a boot.

  2. Walk heavily or noisily.

  3. A long walk, typically a tiring one.

  4. Cargo carrying merchant vessel that offers its services independent of a conference at relative low freight rates. A tramp has no fixed schedule or definite route but carries general cargo to any destination, and may be diverted to any port as required.

  5. The sound of heavy steps, typically of several people.

  6. A woman who has many casual sexual encounters or relationships.

  7. A cargo vessel that carries goods among many different ports rather than sailing a fixed route.

  8. A person who travels from place to place on foot in search of work or as a vagrant or beggar.

Synonyms of Tramp

Vagrant, Vagabond, Homeless person, Derelict, Down-and-out, Footstep, Step, Footfall, Tread, Stamp, Stomp, Stomping, Arab, Bowery ■■■, Airing, Alien, Amble, Backpack, Baggage, Bat around, Beach ■■■, Beachcomber, Beggar, Beggarly fellow, Blighter, Bo, Budmash, ■■■, Bummer, Cadger, Caitiff, Case, Character, Chug on, Constitutional, Count ties, Crackpot, Crank, Defile, Derelict, Devil, Divagate, Dogie, Down-and-out, Down-and-outer, Drift, Drifter, Drunkard, Eccentric, Fanatic, File, File off, Flit, Floater, Footfall, Footslog, Footstep, Forced march, Gad, Gad about, Gallivant, Gamin, Gamine, Go about, Go on parade, Go the rounds, Good-for-naught, Good-for-nothing, Goose-step, Guttersnipe, Gypsy, Hermit, Hike, Hit the road, Hit the trail, ■■■■, Homeless waif, Human wreck, ■■■■■, Idler, Jade, Jaunt, Jezebel, Jog on, Knock about, Knock around, Kook, Landloper, Lazzarone, Loafer, Lone wolf, Loner, Losel, ■■■■■■■, Lumber, March, Mauvais sujet, Maverick, Mean wretch, Meander, Mendicant, Mendicant friar, Mendicant order, Meshuggenah, Mooch, Moocher, Mucker, Mudlark, Mush, Natural, No-good, Nomadize, Nonconformist, Nut, Odd fellow, Oddball, Oddity, Original, Outsider, Panhandler, Parade, Pariah, Pauvre diable, Peg, Peregrinate, Pererrate, Peripatetic journey, Peripateticism, ■■■■■, Pilgarlic, Plod, Plod along, Plug, Plug along, Poor creature, Poor devil, Promenade, Prowl, Queer duck, Queer fish, Queer specimen, Ragamuffin, Ragman, Ragpicker, Ramble, Range, Rara avis, Roam, Rounder, Rove, Rover, Rub on, Run about, Sad case, Sad sack, Saunter, Schlep, Schnorrer, Screwball, Scrounger, Ski ■■■, Skid-row ■■■, Slattern, Slog, Slut, Solitary, Stamp, Step, Stiff, Stodge, Stomp, Straggle, Stray, Street Arab, Street arab, Street urchin, Stretch, Stroll, Strumpet, Stump, Sundowner, Surf ■■■, Swagman, Swagsman, Tatterdemalion, Tennis ■■■, Thud, Traipse, Tramper, Trample, Tread, Trek, Truant, Trudge, Turn, Turnpiker, Type, Urchin, Vag, Vagabond, Vagabondize, Vagrant, Vaurien, Waif, Waifs and strays, Walk, Walk the tracks, Walkabout, Walking tour, Wander, Wastrel, Wayfare, Worthless fellow, Wretch, Zealot, Promiscuous woman, ■■■■■■■■■■, Trek, Trudge, Slog, Hike, March, Walk, Constitutional, Ramble, Roam, Wander

How to use Tramp in a sentence?

  1. They start off on a tramp from Roxbury to New York.
  2. The tramp of marching feet.
  3. Small business owners looking to send their products overseas by boat may resort to using a tramp which, although its schedule can be unpredictable and meandering, is considerably cheaper than its more commercial counterparts.
  4. A tramp steamer.
  5. If you need to move something quick you can hire a tramp that doesnt use a set schedule and is always ready to go.
  6. In this category fall some of the adaptive activities of psychotics, autists, pariahs, outcasts, vagrants, vagabonds, tramps, chronic drunkards and drug addicts.
  7. If you need to transport something quickly you can use a tramp which can be hired at any time and is generally cheaper.
  8. He tramped around the room.

Meaning of Tramp & Tramp Definition