Definition of Trait:

  1. An element of a person's behavior that describes his or her enduring personality traits.

  2. Specific features or attributes are usually owned by a person.

Synonyms of Trait

Color, Flavor, Peculiarity, Earmark, Representative, Insignia, Signal, Picture, Oddity, Mannerism, Mold, Distinction, Distinctive feature, Singularity, Looks, Specialty, Cut, Configuration, Essential quality, Signature, Taste, Idiocrasy, Cachet, Trademark, Representation, Symptom, Virtue, Idiosyncrasy, Bearing, Telltale sign, Earmark, Quality, Complexion, Ethos, Indicant, Traits, Impress, Visage, Mores, Demeanor, Nature, Culture trait, Presence, Characteristic, Lines, Odor, Physiognomy, Posture, Property, Cast of countenance, Cultural drift, Smack, Image, Turn, Features, Face, Seal, Acculturation, Particularity, Culture contact, Port, Sign, Sure sign, Brow, Carriage, Indicator, Lineaments, Denominator, Feature, Shape, Civilization, Affection, Index, Differential, Banner, Culture pattern, Brand, Key trait, Garb, Guise, Differentia, Favor, Keynote, Feature, Token, Impression, Device, Idiosyncrasy, Quality, Trick, Aroma, Peculiarity, Sigil, Attribute, Point, Figure, Taint, Hallmark, Society, Savor, Facial appearance, Cast, Quirk, Note, Eccentricity, Individualism, Mien, Characteristic, Singularity, Countenance, Hallmark, Property, Culture complex, Stance, Culture center, Quirk, Stamp, Abnormality, Mark, Air, Badge, Tang, Birthmark, Culture conflict, Marking, Foible, Attribute, Complex, Culture, Gust, Character, Measure, Mark, Folkways, Trait-complex, Culture area

How to use Trait in a sentence?

  1. One characteristic that is naturally expected from members of the clergy is the empathy and sympathy for the pain that other people feel.
  2. He was a poet, a common trait among coaches.
  3. The most important characteristic of a good man, in my opinion, is his ability to use humor to relieve stress during quarrels with his wife.
  4. John believed that his most important feature was his ability to think fast, which made him an excellent candidate for the job.

Meaning of Trait & Trait Definition