Training Programs

Training Programs,

Training Programs:

  1. Employee specific skills training programs.

Literal Meanings of Training Programs


Meanings of Training:
  1. The process of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or behavior.

Sentences of Training
  1. Continuous team training

Synonyms of Training

instruction, pedagogy, teaching, tutelage, tuition, inculcation, drilling, guidance, preparation, tutoring, indoctrination, coaching, andragogy, schooling, grounding, priming, education


Meanings of Programs:
  1. A series of actions or activities associated with a particular long-term goal.

  2. A set of coded software instructions for controlling the operation of a computer or other machine.

  3. Regular broadcasts of television or radio presentations or articles, especially at specific times.

  4. A sheet or brochure detailing items or artists at an event or show

  5. Gives coded instructions (to a computer or other machine) to perform a task automatically. Write a type of computer program (instructions to perform a task automatically) on another computer or machine. Causes (person or animal) behaves according to the pattern.

  6. Set yourself on a plan or schedule.

  7. Game (article)

Sentences of Programs
  1. Comprehensive reform program

  2. As a result, processing power is more quickly determined by software that compiles computer programs into machine code.

  3. Just a computer program to recognize these symbols

  4. The station does not display modern works

Synonyms of Programs

line up, project, guide, lay out, plan, timetable, use, list of players, show, telecast, podcast, scheme, organize, routine, software, solution, series of measures, program, list of artistes, arrange, videocast, plan of action, initiative, transmission, schedule, list of performers, strategy, presentation, performance, prearrange