Trailing stop

Trailing stop,

Definition of Trailing stop:

  1. A type of stop order in which the stop price (trigger) moves with the trading price of a security. For example, a 10 percent trailing stop will generate a market order to exit a long position if the price of the security declines10 percent from its high. Alternatively a trailing stop can be set to trigger a market order automatically if the price moves a certain fixed amount. For example, a trailing stop can be structured to generate a market order to exit a long position if the price of the security declines by $2 from its high. See Limit Stop.

Meaning of Trailing stop & Trailing stop Definition

Trailing Stop,

How Do You Define Trailing Stop?

  • Trailing Stop means, A previous stop is an amendment to a normal stop loss order that can be set at a fixed percentage of the current market value of the security or the value of the dollar. In a long position, the investor has a stop loss below the current market price. In a short position, the investor makes a stop behind the current market price.

    • Trailing stops are designed to save profits or limit losses when trade is improving.
    • Trailing stops only move when the price goes down. After moving forward to guarantee benefits or minimize losses, they do not back down.
    • The last stop is a stop order and has the additional option of being a limit or market order.
    • One of the most important considerations for a dynamic stop loss order is whether it is a fixed percentage or the amount of a dollar and its value.

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