What is The Definition of TRAILERS?

This type of policy may cover caravans and trailers of cars or boats.

Meanings of TRAILERS

  1. Promote in advance (movie, show, or proposal) by posting clips or selected details.

  2. Transport in trailer (some).

  3. An engine car is made by someone else.

  4. A series of movie or program excerpts used for the preview ad.

  5. Something out there, especially hanging plants.

Sentences of TRAILERS

  1. The series was very interesting

  2. The plane is easy to break and fits in any garage

  3. Fantastic trailer for mediocre movies

  4. For older people, I usually add a flag two or two, two or three weights, a contrast and accent plant or two, and two or three pendants and vortices.

Synonyms of TRAILERS

climbing plant, post, promulgate, excerpt, call attention to, trumpet, broadcast, doublewide , make known, trailing plant, selection, shout from the rooftops, give notice of, extract, snippet, publicize, make public, mobile home , give publicity to, cutting, motor home , announce, proclaim, fragment, bill