Definition of Traffic:

  1. Dealings or communication between people.

  2. Electronic commerce: Number of hits or visits a website receives during, usually, a 24-hour period.

  3. Communications: Flow of attempts to make contact, calls, and messages over a circuit, line, or network, measured usually in bits per second (BPS).

  4. Vehicles moving on a road or public highway.

  5. Retailing: Number of shoppers that pass through a shopping area, mall, or store, during the business hours.

  6. Deal or trade in something illegal.

  7. The messages or signals transmitted through a communications system.

  8. The action of dealing or trading in something illegal.

Synonyms of Traffic

Vehicles, Cars, Trucks, Dealings, Association, Contact, Communication, Connection, Relations, Intercourse, ESP, Answer, Balance of trade, Bargain, Barter, Be in, Big business, Black-market, Bootleg, Business, Business dealings, Buy and sell, Carry, Change, Closeness, Commerce, Commercial affairs, Commercial relations, Communication, Communion, Congress, Connection, Contact, Conversation, Converse, Conveyance, Correspondence, Custom, Deal, Deal in, Dealing, Dealings, Do business, Exchange, Fair trade, Familiarity, Free trade, Freight, Give in exchange, Handle, Horse-trade, Industry, Information, Interaction, Interchange, Intercommunication, Intercommunion, Intercourse, Interplay, Intimacy, Job, Linguistic intercourse, Market, Marketing, Mercantile business, Merchandise, Merchantry, Message, Moonshine, Movement, Multilateral trade, Push, Reciprocal trade, Relations, Relationship, Reply, Response, Restraint of trade, Retail, Sell, Shipping, Shove, Small business, Social intercourse, Speaking, Speech, Speech circuit, Speech situation, Swap, Swap horses, Switch, Take in exchange, Talking, Telepathy, The business world, The marketplace, Touch, Trade, Trade in, Trade off, Trade sight unseen, Traffic in, Transport, Transportation, Travel, Truck, Two-way communication, Unilateral trade, Wholesale, Trade, Deal, Do business, Peddle, Bargain, Trade, Trading, Trafficking, Dealing, Commerce, Business, Peddling, Buying and selling

How to use Traffic in a sentence?

  1. Its very important to monitor the network traffic of your office personnel, what they are doing on company time may affect productivity.
  2. After our new online advertising campaign began to reach consumers the traffic to our website and social media accounts absolutely exploded.
  3. The government will vigorously pursue individuals who traffic in drugs.
  4. The traffic on the line was reducing the quality of the transmission so we contacted our information technology department to advise.
  5. The traffic in stolen cattle.
  6. Data traffic between remote workstations.
  7. A stream of heavy traffic.

Meaning of Traffic & Traffic Definition

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