Traditional Transaction Methods

Traditional Transaction Methods,

Traditional Transaction Methods Definition:

  1. Traditional Transaction Methods means, Uncontrollable comparative pricing method, seller pricing method and higher pricing method.

Literal Meanings of Traditional Transaction Methods


Meanings of Traditional:
  1. It exists or is part of a long tradition.

Sentences of Traditional
  1. Traditional Church Year celebration

Synonyms of Traditional

historical, folk, handed-down, unwritten, oral


Meanings of Transaction:
  1. Examples of buying or selling something in a business transaction.

Sentences of Transaction
  1. Delivery date is very important in normal business transactions

Synonyms of Transaction

compact, undertaking, negotiation, treaty, settlement, bond, contract, arrangement, agreement, bargain, pact, business, affair, deal


Meanings of Methods:
  1. Spec specific process for acquiring or dealing with something, especially organized or established.

Synonyms of Methods

technique, method of working, procedure, medium, means, practice, routine, formula, modus operandi, process, mechanism, system