Trading Strategy

Trading Strategy,

How To Define Trading Strategy?

Definition of Trading Strategy: Trading strategy is a method of buying and selling in the market based on preconceived principles that are used to make trading decisions.

  • A trading strategy can be compared to a business plan that takes into account various different factors and needs for investors.
  • There are three stages: planning, commercial location, and trade implementation. At each stage of the process, the key numbers related to the strategy are measured and in line with market developments.

This trading strategy is a plan to make a profit from the stock market by selling in the short term and / or buying in the long term. There are many types of trading strategies.

Literal Meanings of Trading Strategy


Meanings of Trading:
  1. Business operation

Sentences of Trading
  1. The company's profits increase

Synonyms of Trading

disposal, vending, selling


Meanings of Strategy:
  1. An action plan or policy to achieve an important or overall goal

Sentences of Strategy
  1. Now is the time to develop an integrated economic strategy.

Synonyms of Strategy

proposed action, blueprint, schedule, game plan, programme, grand design, plan, procedure, policy, approach, plan of action, master plan, scheme