Definition of Tradeoffs:

  1. Alternative key objectives all of which cannot be attained together in a decision, design, or project and their associated benefits and opportunity costs. Tradeoffs play a particularly important part in negotiations where the positions of the opposing parties can be quantified. See also tradeoff.

How to use Tradeoffs in a sentence?

  1. The tradeoffs were worth doing and my dad reassured me that our business would still be in good shape after they were done.
  2. When John was looking at a new job he had to consider the tradeoffs . The new opportunity would offer an extra week of vacation, but the expected hours of work were going to be much more.
  3. Jordan had to consider the tradeoffs between taking a week long vacation from work or finishing the major project he was working on that could potentially earn him a bonus.

Meaning of Tradeoffs & Tradeoffs Definition