Trade union

Trade union,

Definition of Trade union:

  1. An organization whose members are workers and union leaders who come together to protect and promote their common interests.

    The main objectives of the unions are (1) to negotiate wages and working conditions, (2) to regulate relations between workers (their members) and employers, and (3) to enforce the provisions of collective bargaining. For collective action, (4) members file new lawsuits on their behalf and (5) help resolve their grievances. A union may take the form of: a) A union of companies representing the interests of a company and not affiliated with other union entities. Unions, also called domestic unions, are often wrong and generally illegal. (b) A union representing workers of several companies in the same sector. Also called industrial union. is an association of artisans that represents skilled workers in a specific area, such as carpentry or welding.

  2. An association of organized workers in a trade, trade or professional group formed to protect and promote their rights and interests in unions.

Synonyms of Trade union

Guild, Alliance, Trade union, Association, League

How to use Trade union in a sentence?

  1. I told her we should think about joining the union because it would make us feel safe and help each other.
  2. The union negotiates on behalf of the workers to maintain maximum relationship with the new rental company.
  3. Workers use it whenever they form unions and strive for better wages and conditions.
  4. If you are interested in joining a union, you can make contacts that may be useful in the future.

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