Trade show

Trade show,

Definition of Trade show:

  1. Large, stage-set trade event organized often by an industrys trade association on an annual basis. Most trade shows aim to facilitate direct contact between the manufacturers and distribution channel members (wholesalers, retailers, value added resellers) but some are aimed at the end user. See also trade fair.

  2. An exhibition at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services.

How to use Trade show in a sentence?

  1. Youve got to attend trade shows to find out whats new and unique in the business.
  2. The end of the year was fast approaching, so we knew we would be having our annual trade show very soon.
  3. Bill recently went to a trade show at the Nassau Coliseum to meet with fellow bathroom remodeling contractors and talk shop.
  4. Sometimes you can make a reall great contact at a trade show that will become your future long term supplier.

Meaning of Trade show & Trade show Definition