Trade Sanction

Trade Sanction,

What Does Trade Sanction Mean?

Meaning of Trade Sanction: Trade sanctions are laws that restrict or eliminate trade with certain countries.

  • Trade sanctions are laws that restrict or eliminate trade with certain countries.
  • Trade sanctions are a subcategory of economic sanctions, trade sanctions and financial sanctions aimed at a country, organization, group or individual.
  • Sanctions may be unilateral, imposed by one country against another, or multilateral, by one or more countries against different countries.
  • Trade sanctions have been imposed to make it harder for countries to help trade with the countries or countries that apply them.
  • The most common types of trade restrictions are quotas, tariffs, non-tariff trade barriers (NTBs), frozen or confiscation of assets and restrictions.

Literal Meanings of Trade Sanction


Meanings of Trade:
  1. The act of buying and selling goods and services.

  2. Special jobs that usually require manual skills and special training.

  3. Commercial winds

  4. Buy and sell goods and services.

  5. Exchange for something else (something), usually as a business transaction.

Sentences of Trade
  1. Decision to ban all ivory trade

  2. Basics

  3. Northeast Jobs

  4. Luxury trading broker

  5. Replace clay shark liver for fish oil

Synonyms of Trade

commerce, buying and selling, dealing, traffic, trafficking, business, marketing, merchandising, bargaining, craft, occupation, job, day job, career, profession, pursuit, living, livelihood, line, line of work, line of business, vocation, calling


Meanings of Sanction:
  1. Risk of sanctions for violating legal regulations.

  2. Approval of an action or official approval.

  3. Official approval or approval for (action)

  4. Give sanctions or fines.

Sentences of Sanction
  1. A series of punishments designed to curb internal trade

  2. Appealed to Bishop against sanctions

  3. Only two treatments are approved by the Food and Drug Administration

  4. In France, foreigners must be sent home illegally, their employers must be approved and border controls must be tightened.

Synonyms of Sanction

penalty, punishment, deterrent, authorization, consent, leave, permission, authority, warrant, licence, dispensation, assent, acquiescence, agreement, approval, seal of approval, stamp of approval, approbation, recognition, endorsement, accreditation, confirmation, ratification, validation, blessing, imprimatur, clearance, acceptance