Trade Name/trading Name

Trade Name/trading Name,

What is The Definition of Trade Name/trading Name?

See also trade names, which are easily exchanged. This is a vague term and caution should be exercised when deciding on serious issues based on interpretation. The correct interpretation may depend on the definition in local / national corporate law. Generally, trade names and trade / trade names can be registered and licensed. Much depends on the interpretation of the trade name term, which may refer to a legal / controlling / controlling company or simply a product or brand division. The trade name can be a brand or department or branded operation / service within the company (legal title). Avoid harsh definitions of these terms and, in the event of serious implications, seek clarification from local experts or seek a decision from your department / lawyer.

Literal Meanings of Trade Name/trading Name


Meanings of Trade:
  1. Buy and sell goods and services.

  2. Exchange of something else, usually in the form of a business transaction.

  3. Buying and selling of goods and services.

  4. Special work that often requires manual skills and special training.

  5. Commercial winds

Sentences of Trade
  1. Trade intermediaries for luxury goods.

  2. Replace mud shark liver for fish oil.

  3. Measures to ban all ivory trade

  4. Build business principles

  5. Jobs in the Northeast

Synonyms of Trade

walk of life, replace, barter, business, living, traffic, profession, merchandising, swap, deal, exchange, calling, marketing, livelihood, buying and selling, vocation, occupation, bargaining, field, pursuit, craft, career


Meanings of Name:
  1. Say

  2. Say, suggest or decide according to your need (quantity, time or place).

  3. A word or phrase that refers to or refers to a well-known person, animal, place or thing.

  4. A celebrity.

  5. (A person or commercial product) with a well-known name.

Sentences of Name
  1. Hundreds of diseases have not been isolated or named.

  2. Show image and name the prize.

  3. My name is Parsons, John Parsons.

  4. As always, the big race attracts big names.

  5. Countless special brands adapted to market niches.

Synonyms of Name

person of note, important person, famous person, christened, celebrity, VIP, worthy, celebutante, baptized, title, big name, dignitary, known as, designation, star, honorific, personage, called, superstar, label, luminary, tag, leading light, mogul, by the name of, denomination, epithet, under the name of


Meanings of Trading:
  1. Trade action

Sentences of Trading
  1. Increase company profits

Synonyms of Trading

vending, disposal, selling