Trade Intangible

Trade Intangible,

What is The Definition of Trade Intangible?

  • A commercially invincible asset that is not an invincible marketing asset.

Literal Meanings of Trade Intangible


Meanings of Trade:
  1. Buy and sell goods and services.

  2. Usually as a business transaction, an exchange of something else (something).

  3. Buying and selling of goods and services.

  4. Special work, usually a job that requires manual skills and special training.

  5. Commercial winds

Sentences of Trade
  1. Trade intermediaries for luxury goods

  2. Replace clay shark liver for fish oil

  3. A move to ban all trade in ivory

  4. Build basic business principles

  5. Jobs in the Northeast

Synonyms of Trade

exchange, field, trafficking, line of business, occupation, living, walk of life, job, vocation, calling, province, career, business, replace, commerce, line of work, day job, swap, marketing, buying and selling, profession, line, pursuit, traffic, craft, merchandising, dealing, barter, substitute, deal


Meanings of Intangible:
  1. Something wonderful

  2. Can't touch or hold it without physical presence.

Sentences of Intangible
  1. Invincible values ​​such as self-confidence and responsibility

  2. My colleagues are not interested in the virtual world or anything understandable

Synonyms of Intangible

non-physical, invisible, incorporeal, abstract, disembodied, imperceptible to the touch, impalpable, unembodied, untouchable, bodiless