Trade barrier

Trade barrier,

Definition of Trade barrier:

  1. The government banned free international trade in goods or services.

    Trade barriers are generally classified as import policies, which are reflected in import duties and other fees, quotas, import licenses, customs procedures, standards, tests, labels and a variety of certificates. Government direct purchases, subsidies to local exporters, lack of copyright protection, ban on franchising, licenses, transfer of technology, ban on foreign direct investment, etc.

  2. Barriers to free trade, especially policies or regulations that restrict or impede trade between countries.

How to use Trade barrier in a sentence?

  1. Sometimes, something gets in the way of business and you have to overcome that trade barrier.
  2. On that day, trade barriers were removed so that we could now communicate freely with our new companies abroad.
  3. Trade barriers make business difficult for our company, so we have to look for other parties.

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