Definition of Tract:

  1. Defined or specified piece of land.

  2. A major passage in the body, large bundle of nerve fibers, or other continuous elongated anatomical structure or region.

  3. An area of indefinite extent, typically a large one.

Origin of word Tract

Late Middle English from medieval Latin tractus (cantus) ‘drawn-out (song)’, past participle of Latin trahere ‘draw’.

Synonyms of Tract

Area, Region, Expanse, Span, Sweep, Stretch, Extent, Belt, Swathe, Zone, Plot, Patch, Parcel, Portion, Section, Sector, Quarter, Acreage, Amplitude, Area, Article, Assembly-line housing, Belt, Billeting, Block, Booklet, Breadth, Brochure, Causerie, Chapbook, Circular, Clearing, Clos, Close, Comic book, Continuum, Corn field, Critique, Croft, Cultivated land, Descant, Dimension, Discourse, Discussion, Disquisition, Dissertation, District, Domiciliation, Doss, Emptiness, Empty space, Enclave, Essay, Etude, Examination, Excursus, Expanse, Expansion, Exposition, Extension, Extent, Feature, Field, First approach, Folder, Footstep, Forty, Galactic space, Hayfield, Homily, Hospitality, Housing, Housing bill, Housing development, Housing problem, Infinite space, Interstellar space, Introductory study, Kraal, Leaflet, Living quarters, Lodging, Lodgment, Lot, Lower-income housing, Lucubration, Measure, Memoir, Monograph, Morceau, Note, Nothingness, Outer space, Outline, Paddy, Pale, Pamphlet, Pandect, Paper, Paragraph, Parcel, Parcel of land, Part, Patch, Piece, Piece of land, Plat, Plot, Plot of ground, Portion, Preliminary study, Prolegomenon, Proportion, Quad, Quadrangle, Quarter, Quartering, Real estate, Region, Research paper, Rice paddy, Screed, Section, Sector, Sermon, Sketch, Slum clearance, Space, Spatial extension, Special article, Sphere, Spoor, Spread, Square, Step, Stretch, Study, Subdivision, Superficial extension, Surface, Survey, Term paper, Territory, Theme, Thesis, Track, Tractate, Transient lodging, Treatise, Treatment, Urban renewal, Vestige, Void, Volume, Wheat field, Zone

How to use Tract in a sentence?

  1. Large tracts of natural forest.
  2. The digestive tract.

Meaning of Tract & Tract Definition