Definition of Tracing:

  1. A copy of a drawing, map, or design made by tracing it.

  2. Accounting: Following a specific piece of financial information back to its originating document by following its audit trail.

  3. Cost accounting: Assignment of a cost to an activity or cost object based on a cause-and-effect (causal) relationship. Tracing is preferred over allocation where the required data is obtainable at a reasonable expense.

Synonyms of Tracing

Sketch, Picture, Illustration, Representation, Portrayal, Delineation, Depiction, Composition, Study, Diagram, Outline, Design, Plan, Artists impression, Apograph, Black and white, Brouillon, Carbon, Carbon copy, Cartoon, Charcoal, Charcoal drawing, Chiaroscuro, Companion, Copy, Crayon, Dead ringer, Delineation, Design, Diagram, Doodle, Double, Draft, Drawing, Duplicate, Duplication, Ebauche, Effigy, Esquisse, Exact likeness, Fellow, Fiche, Graph, Hectography, Icon, Idol, Image, Likeness, Line drawing, Living image, Living picture, Manifold, Match, Mate, Microcopy, Microfiche, Microform, Mimeography, Miniature, Mirroring, Model, Pastel, Pen-and-ink, Pencil drawing, Photograph, Picture, Portrait, Recording, Reduplication, Reflection, Reproduction, Reprography, Resemblance, Rough copy, Rough draft, Rough outline, Rubbing, Semblance, Shadow, Silhouette, Silver-print drawing, Similitude, Simulacrum, Sinopia, Sketch, Spit and image, Spitting image, Study, Tenor, Trace, Transcript, Transcription, Transfer, Twin, Very image, Very picture, Vignette, Xerography

How to use Tracing in a sentence?

  1. I noticed that my daughter was tracing her hand on a piece of paper and I started to do the same with my hand.
  2. Leonardos mural, with its tracings and smaller copies, is a locus of essential religious and aesthetic meanings, a virtual communion between art and life.
  3. I had a bogus charge on my credit card and couldnt get anyone else to help me so I had to go through the very confusing and tedious process of tracing down the issue.
  4. We engaged in tracing to source the document as we needed to verify it was not fraudulent so we went through our legacy system to find it.

Meaning of Tracing & Tracing Definition