Tracfone Puk Code

Tracfone Puk Code

My LG Trackphone PUK code?

You can find it on the label on the back of the device under the battery. There you can find the serial number and IMEI etc.

If I am correct in getting the puk code, you need to contact your service provider. The PIN is usually like a ping after entering the wrong SIM lock code multiple times. Make a phone call to your service provider and request an instant confirmation code that you are indeed an account holder.

Generally, if you enter incorrect PAC code too many times or if your account needs to be blocked and SIM card is blocked, PU code is requested. Your provider will continue to offer services to you, such as AT&T, Verizon or Timol. When you call them, your data will be verified and you will receive a PU code so you can use this tool again. Alternatively, your PUK code may be available through your telephone company's online account.

Check the label inside the pneumatic battery compartment to get your IMEI number (serial number). He will say IMEI #: 15 in number

Or later

Just call your mobile operator and whatever you do ... and they'll give you a PUK code

Tracfone Puk Code