Definition of Tracer:

  1. A person or thing that traces something or by which something may be traced.

  2. Inquiry initiated to trace a piece of information to its originating document, or to locate a delayed or lost shipment from the point of its origin, by following its paper trail (audit trail) through every successive point where another data entry or document was generated.

Synonyms of Tracer

Alpha radiator, Atom, Atomic cocktail, Atomic model, Ball, Bar shot, Beta radiator, Bird shot, Buckshot, Bullet, Cannon shot, Cannonball, Case shot, Cobalt, Crossbar shot, Duck shot, Dumdum bullet, Expanding bullet, Fission products, Fluorescent paint, Gamma radiator, Grape, Grapeshot, Ion, Langrel shot, Manstopping bullet, Nuclear atom, Nuclide, Pellet, Planetary shell, Radiator, Radioactive waste, Radiocalcium, Radiocarbon, Radiocopper, Radioelement, Radioiodine, Radioisotope, Radiosodium, Radiothorium, Radium, Radium dial, Radium paint, Rifle ball, Round shot, Shell, Shot, Shrapnel, Slug, Split shot, Subshell, Tagged atom, Tagged element, Tracer atom, Tracer element, Valence shell

Meaning of Tracer & Tracer Definition