Definition of Traceability:

  1. Cost accounting: Ability to assign a cost directly to an activity or cost object on the basis of a cause-and-effect (causal) relationship.

  2. Accounting: Ability to track a specific piece of financial information by means of recorded data or audit trail.

  3. Systems management: Ability to track system requirements from a system function to all those elements that individually or collectively perform that function.

  4. Quality control: Ability to trace the application, location, and/or history of an activity or item by means of recorded data.

How to use Traceability in a sentence?

  1. There was no traceability , so we decided juvt to walk away from the case and seal everything up, so there would be no more mention of it.
  2. You should try to make sure that any time you have traceability that you have not done anything that can lead back to you.
  3. The person using the company internet was not aware that each computer has an IP address which allows the traceability of each computer back to their respective owners which implicated him in the offenses that he was charged.

Meaning of Traceability & Traceability Definition