Definition of Toxicity:

  1. The amount of undesirable effect or level of damage that the substance represents. It is usually expressed as a food reaction relationship, in which the body is exposed to the amount of exposure and exposure through the skin (absorption), mouth (inhalation) or respiratory tract (respiration). Routes included. Toxicity is generally classified as (1) severe harmful effects from single or short exposure. ()) Chronic: Negative effects of prolonged repetitive or continuous exposure. ()) Subcronical: Negative effects from repeated or continuous exposure for twelve months or more, but less than the normal life of the organism.

  2. Toxic or toxic properties.

Synonyms of Toxicity

Banefulness, Venom, Communicability, Lethality, Malignity, Virulency, Viciousness, Malignance, Mischievousness, Noxiousness, Venomousness, Hurtfulness, Detrimentalness, Destructiveness, Infectiousness, Virulence, Malignancy, Infectivity, Harmfulness, Deadliness, Ominousness, Noisomeness, Balefulness, Unhealthiness, Perniciousness, Contagiousness, Poison, Injuriousness, Poisonousness

How to use Toxicity in a sentence?

  1. My chemistry teacher taught me not to use certain substances with other chemicals because of their toxicity on the surface.
  2. When you know the level of toxins you use in different chemicals, you will know the best way to deal with them.
  3. Drug poisoning depends on the dose.
  4. After the inauguration of this facility, the air pollution in the city increased by five hundred percent and talks started when it was closed.

Meaning of Toxicity & Toxicity Definition