Definition of Toxic:

  1. Toxic substances.

  2. Medicines

  3. Carcinogenic, toxic or in any way a direct threat to life. Almost all substances are toxic, only the difference (quantity) which has a toxic effect (see toxic). Technically, a substance is toxic if (1) the average lethal dose per kilogram of body weight (50 or lethal dose of LD50) exceeds 50 mg (but not more than 500 mg) when the weight is between 200 and 300 Albino rats are managed. Orally administered (2) more than 200 mg LD 50 (but not more than 1000 mg or 1 gram) 24 kg per kg body weight (or less if death within 24 hours) Albino is given to rabbit skin. Each weighs 2 to 3 kg. (3) The average lethal concentration in the air (lethal concentration 50 or LC50) is more than 200 ppm (but not more than 2,000 ppm) gas or steam (or more than 2 milligrams per liter), but 20 milligrams per liter Liters of dust, smoking or no more than two and a half hours (between 20 and 300 grams) in Albanian mice by continuous inhalation for more than an hour (or less when death occurred within an hour).

  4. This refers to loans that carry a higher risk of default.

  5. Very dangerous or restless anywhere or in a dangerous way.

Synonyms of Toxic

Miasmic, Infective, Pestilential, Environmentally unfriendly, Venenous, Malignant, Harmful, Ominous, Corrosive, Pestilential, Noisome, Baneful, Baleful, Deleterious, Pernicious, Dangerous, Virulent, Malignant, Mischievous, Toxicant, Counterproductive, Poisonous, Malefic, Mephitic, Pestiferous, Injurious, Poisonous, Destructive, Noxious, Corroding, Catching, Distressing, Malevolent, Venenate, Hurtful, Disserviceable, Infectious, Lethal, Scatheful, Poison, Noxious, Unsafe, Malign, Pernicious, Corrupting, Miasmatic, Communicable, Destructive, Prejudicial, Virulent, Envenomed, Vicious, Disadvantageous, Injurious, Damaging, Detrimental, Harmful, Miasmal, Venomous, Corruptive, Deadly, Venomous, Veneniferous, Contagious, Toxiferous

How to use Toxic in a sentence?

  1. Eliminate toxic waste.
  2. The GAO cited "significant statistical differences" in eight problem areas, including pesticides, air pollution and the health of the aquatic ecosystem.
  3. When the newly created research chemical killed more than twenty clinical trials, it was found to be highly toxic.
  4. Black walnut is highly toxic to horses and is thought to cause seizures and death in some cases.
  5. A toxic relationship
  6. Toxic debt
  7. The words that came out of his mouth were poisonous and contradictory because he was a devil and had no place in this world.

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