Toxic Tort

Toxic Tort,

What Does Toxic Tort Mean?

  1. Measures based on suspicion that the injury or death was caused by exposure, use or rotation of effective or toxic substances, such as asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) or pesticides.

Literal Meanings of Toxic Tort


Meanings of Toxic:
  1. Medicines

  2. Ordinary or dangerous, very dangerous or unpleasant.

  3. This refers to loans that carry a higher risk of default.

  4. Toxic substances.

Sentences of Toxic
  1. Accumulation of toxic waste

  2. Toxic relationship

  3. Toxic debt

  4. The GAO cited "significant statistical differences" in eight problem areas, including pesticides, air pollution and the health of the aquatic ecosystem.

Synonyms of Toxic

pestilential, harmful, malignant, pernicious, noxious, injurious, unsafe, virulent, destructive, dangerous, poisonous, environmentally unfriendly, venomous


Meanings of Tort:
  1. Laws that violate the law or infringe upon rights (other than contractual rights) are the result of civil liability under the law.

Sentences of Tort
  1. Harassment is a crime and a crime

Synonyms of Tort

malpractice, evil, delinquency, villainy, misbehaviour, iniquity, unethical behaviour, lawbreaking, wickedness, crime, badness, immorality, criminality, sinfulness, sin, mischief, misconduct, naughtiness, corruption, lawlessness