Definition of Township:

  1. (in South Africa) a suburb or city of predominantly black occupation, formerly officially designated for black occupation by apartheid legislation.

  2. A division of a county with some corporate powers.

  3. A manor or parish as a territorial division.

  4. In general, a satellite town. In the US, a 6 x 6 miles (36 square miles or 93.24 square kilometers) area divided into 36 equal sections.

Synonyms of Township

Kreis, Stadt, Archbishopric, Archdiocese, Arrondissement, Bailiwick, Banlieue, Bishopric, Boom town, Borough, Bourg, Burg, Burgh, Canton, City, Commune, Congressional district, Constablewick, Conurbation, County, Departement, Diocese, District, Duchy, Electoral district, Electorate, Exurb, Exurbia, Faubourg, Ghost town, Government, Greater city, Hamlet, Hundred, Magistracy, Market town, Megalopolis, Metropolis, Metropolitan area, Municipality, Oblast, Okrug, Outskirts, Parish, Polis, Precinct, Principality, Province, Region, Riding, Sheriffalty, Sheriffwick, Shire, Shrievalty, Soke, Spread city, Stake, State, Suburb, Suburbia, Territory, Town, Urban complex, Urban sprawl, Urbs, Village, Ville, Wapentake, Ward

How to use Township in a sentence?

  1. North and South Fayette townships in Allegheny County posted population gains of 28 percent and 19 percent, respectively.
  2. The site is close to Khayelitsha, a township of 500,000 black South Africans who suffered under apartheid and still live in poverty, with a 90 per cent unemployment rate.

Meaning of Township & Township Definition