Definition of Toughness:

  1. Property of a material that enables it to absorb and distribute within itself relatively large amounts of energy (both stresses and strains) of repeated impacts and/or shocks, and undergo considerable deformation before fracturing or failing. Opposite of brittleness.

  2. The ability to deal with hardship or to cope in difficult situations.

  3. The quality of being strong and prone to violence.

  4. Demonstration of a strict and uncompromising approach.

  5. The state of being strong enough to withstand adverse conditions or rough handling.

Synonyms of Toughness

Spartanism, Abstruseness, Adamantness, Adhesiveness, Arduousness, Astringency, Austerity, Authoritarianism, Backbone, Body, Bothersomeness, Bottom, Bullheadedness, Burdensomeness, Callosity, Callousness, Chutzpah, Clabbering, Clamminess, Clotting, Coagulation, Cohesiveness, Colloidality, Complexity, Complication, Concreteness, Consistency, Courage, Curdling, Decisiveness, Demandingness, Density, Difficultness, Difficulty, Discipline, Doughiness, Dourness, Durability, Durity, Endurance, Energy, Exactingness, Firmness, Flintiness, Force, Fortitude, Gameness, Gelatinity, Gelatinousness, Gluelikeness, Gluiness, Glutinosity, Glutinousness, Grimness, Grit, Gumlikeness, Gumminess, Guts, Gutsiness, Guttiness, Hairiness, Hard-bittenness, Hard-nosedness, Hardiness, Hardness, Hardness of heart, Harshness, Heart, Heart of oak, Heartiness, Heaviness, Immovability, Immutability, Impenetrability, Implacability, Impliability, Incrassation, Induration, Inelasticity, Inexorability, Inflexibility, Inspissation, Intestinal fortitude, Intransigeance, Intransigence, Intransigency, Intransigentism, Intricacy, Irreconcilability, Jellification, Jellylikeness, Laboriousness, Lentor, Lustihood, Lustiness, Mass, Materiality, Meticulousness, Mettle, Mettlesomeness, Might, Mightiness, Moxie, Mucilaginousness, Nerve, Obduracy, Obstinacy, Onerousness, Oppressiveness, Palpability, Pastiness, Persistence, Persistency, Pith, Pluck, Pluckiness, Ponderability, Potency, Power, Powerfulness, Regimentation, Relentlessness, Resistance, Restiveness, Retention, Rigid discipline, Rigidity, Rigor, Rigorism, Rigorousness, Robustness, Ropiness, Ruggedness, Severity, Slabbiness, Sliminess, Snugness, Solidity, Soundness, Spirit, Spissitude, Spunk, Spunkiness, Stability, Stalwartness, Stamina, Staying power, Steadiness, Steeliness, Sternness, Stick-to-itiveness, Stickiness, Sticking power, Stiff temper, Stiffness, Stodginess, Stoniness, Stout heart, Stoutness, Strength, Strength of will, Strenuousness, Strictness, Stringency, Stringiness, Stubbornness, Sturdiness, Substance, Substantiality, Substantialness, Syrupiness, Tackiness, Tangibility, Tenaciousness, Tenacity, Thickening, Thickness, Tightness, Toilsomeness, Treacliness, Troublesomeness, True grit, Unalterability, Unbendingness, Unchangeability, Uncompromisingness, Ungivingness, Unrelentingness, Unyieldingness, Vigor, Vigorousness, Viscidity, Viscosity, Viscousness, Vitality

How to use Toughness in a sentence?

  1. The toughness of the regime was legendary.
  2. The toughness of steel.
  3. His reputation for toughness on the street.
  4. They showed great mental toughness to keep going.

Meaning of Toughness & Toughness Definition