Touch Base

Touch Base,

How Do You Define Touch Base?

  1. You can define Touch Base as, To get in touch, usually a manager who wants to communicate with his employees.

Literal Meanings of Touch Base


Meanings of Touch:
  1. Log in or call.

  2. Manipulate, modify, or influence in any other way, especially in a harmful way.

  3. It has the effect of making a difference.

  4. It creates feelings of love, gratitude or empathy.

  5. Audience (specific level or set)

  6. The act of touching someone or something.

  7. A small mark

  8. A special way of handling things.

  9. Requesting and receiving money or other items from someone in the form of loans or gifts.

  10. A series of changes smaller than hours.

  11. An object or process that proves the value or role of an object in a test.

  12. Touch football

Sentences of Touch
  1. Lean back so that only both feet of the chair touch the floor

  2. I haven't played his record or stuff yet

  3. One-tenth of state-owned companies were affected by privatization

  4. He was impressed by the loyalty of his friends

  5. Her touch was light on his shoulder

  6. Add some vinegar

  7. Then there is the more confident political record

Synonyms of Touch

be in contact, be in contact with, come into contact, come into contact with, come together, come together with, meet, join, connect, converge, converge with, be contiguous, be contiguous with, border, border on, be against, be up against, link up, link up with, adjoin


Meanings of Base:
  1. The lower part or edge of something, especially the part where something rests or rests.

  2. An ideological framework or entity on which something is built or on which something depends.

  3. A place used by the Armed Forces or any other headquarters as an operation center.

  4. An important or important element or substance to which other substances are added.

  5. Salts and water form substances that can react with lac acid or absorb or neutralize (more commonly) hydrogen ions.

  6. The middle part of the bipolar transistor that separates the emission from the collector.

  7. Root or root word or derivative

  8. Numbers are used as the basis of numerical scale.

  9. To reach the race, you have to reach four seasons one by one.

  10. It has a basis for using (something) as a point from which (something) can grow.

  11. Put yourself in the center of the operation.

Sentences of Base
  1. He is sitting under a tree

  2. The city's economic base collapsed

  3. The NCO returned to the base

  4. Soap based on vegetable oil

  5. Nitric acid reacts with nitric salt and water production bases.

  6. The transistor consists of three parts: the base, the collector and the emitter.

  7. Children should experiment with the roots of suffixes.

Synonyms of Base

foundation, bottom, foot, support, prop, stay, stand, pedestal, plinth, rest, bed, substructure, headquarters, centre, starting point, camp, site, station, settlement, post, medium, vehicle