Total Replacement

Total Replacement,

How To Define Total Replacement?

  1. A full replacement guarantee pays the full amount needed to replace a damaged property with a new one, regardless of the value of the property declining over time. This conflicts with a movable policy, which includes a fixed price or a common price, which is usually set by the policyholder.

Literal Meanings of Total Replacement


Meanings of Total:
  1. Number upwards.

  2. Damage (something, usually a vehicle) that cannot be repaired.

  3. The total amount or quantity of something.

  4. Contains a number or quantity.

  5. Absolutely absolute

Sentences of Total
  1. ended with 6,260. Loan

  2. Make a total of 33 points

  3. Total cost 4,000

  4. Total stranger

Synonyms of Total

real, gross, integral, prize, unadulterated, comprehensive, unalloyed, sum, consummate, ultimate, number, complete, entire, downright, positive, thoroughgoing, unequivocal, mount up to, equal, full, aggregate, come to, absolute, dyed-in-the-wool, damage beyond repair, thorough, overall


Synonyms of Replacement

renewal, replacing