Total Direct Materials Cost Variance

Total Direct Materials Cost Variance,

Total Direct Materials Cost Variance Meanings:

  • The difference between the actual cost of the goods and the standard cost of the item.

Literal Meanings of Total Direct Materials Cost Variance


Meanings of Total:
  1. This includes the whole number or quantity.

  2. Absolutely absolute

  3. The whole number or combination of something.

  4. Quantity in number

  5. Irreparable damage (something, usually a vehicle).

Sentences of Total
  1. Total cost 4,000

  2. Foreigners

  3. Make a total of 33 points

  4. Ended up with a loan of ، 6,260

Synonyms of Total

comprehensive, gross, ultimate, limitless, composite, all-out, integral, deep-dyed, consummate, pure, come to, amount to, smash, outright, unconditional, mount up to, thoroughgoing, infinite, whole, demolish, out-and-out


Meanings of Direct:
  1. Move or relocate the shortest route from one place to another without changing direction or stopping.

  2. No arbitration or mediation factors.

  3. Up to the point (about a person or his behavior).

  4. Stand on non-sloping surface

  5. Nothing with or in between.

  6. Management control or government operations.

  7. Point (something) towards a particular direction or a particular person.

  8. Give (someone) formal orders or government instructions.

Sentences of Direct
  1. There are no direct flights on this day

  2. Complications are a direct result of the spread of bacteria.

  3. He is very straightforward and honest

  4. Buy and save directly

  5. The economic elite controls the affairs of the state

  6. Turning hot air through the hot air ducts to get passengers back

  7. The judge ordered him to serve the community

Synonyms of Direct

sincere, no-nonsense, call on, blunt, straightforward, straight to the point, run, personal, matter-of-fact, honest, bluff, first-hand, frank, candid, forthright, tell, undiplomatic, outspoken, govern, immediate, in person, give orders to, control, charge, without an intermediary, point, aim, head-on, point blank


Meanings of Materials:
  1. Content that can or should be used.

  2. Information or ideas about books or other works.

  3. Cloth or cloth

  4. Shows or contains physical objects instead of thoughts or spirits.

  5. Very important.

Sentences of Materials
  1. Goats can eat any kind of plant material

  2. His colonial experience provided him with material facilities

  3. A piece of black matter

  4. Material world

  5. Insects do not cause material damage to plants

Synonyms of Materials

secular, real, details, concrete, facts and figures, substance, mundane, corporeal, earthly, fabric, information, important, textiles, significant, temporal, consequential, substantial, major, data, particulars, non-spiritual, matter, of consequence, evidence


Meanings of Cost:
  1. (Item or action) requires payment (a fixed amount of money) before purchase or execution.

Synonyms of Cost

fetch, fare, amount to, put a figure on, fee, rental, sell for, asking price, evaluate, tariff, put a value on, value, levy, come to, selling price, be valued at, price, market price, toll, hire charge, put a price on, be


Meanings of Variance:
  1. Facts or characteristics are different, different or contradictory.

Sentences of Variance
  1. His tone was suddenly resisting the vibration

Synonyms of Variance

conflict, difference, distinction, contrast, contradiction, incongruity, deviation, dissimilarity, discrepancy, disagreement, variation, imbalance, divergence