Total Debt Service Ratio

Total Debt Service Ratio,

Total Debt Service Ratio Meanings:

The term Total Debt Service Ratio (TDS) refers to a measure of debt service used by financial lenders to determine the ratio of gross income spent on housing and similar payments. Lenders take into account the property tax, credit card balance and other monthly loans of each potential borrower to calculate the income / loan ratio and then compare these numbers with reference to the lender to decide Whether to approve the loan or not.

  • The total loan service ratio is one such measure of credit to assess the ability of mortgage lenders to obtain credit.
  • Contrary to the ratio of total debt services, the ratio of total debt rate, immovable property to immovable debt and liabilities are included.
  • Generally, less than 43% KTDS is required to secure a mortgage, and many lenders apply stricter rates.

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