Total cost

Total cost,

Definition of Total cost:

  1. (1) the sum of all direct and indirect expenses, or (2) how much the investor pays to buy the investment. These fees include commission and negotiation fees.

How to use Total cost in a sentence?

  1. The total cost will be much higher than what I wanted to spend, so I decided not to buy anything and went home.
  2. You need to consider the total cost of the project before starting work.
  3. As you approach the financial situation, you need to increase the amount involved and find your total cost. This cost is important for budget and resource allocation.

Meaning of Total cost & Total cost Definition

Total Cost,

How Do You Define Total Cost?

Total fixed cost, semi-variable cost and variable cost.

The total cost of all open investments in a specific account.

Literal Meanings of Total Cost


Meanings of Total:
  1. This includes the whole number or quantity.

  2. Absolutely absolute

  3. The whole number or combination of something.

  4. Quantity in number

  5. Irreparable damage (something, usually a vehicle).

Sentences of Total
  1. Total cost 4,000

  2. Foreigners

  3. Make a total of 33 points

  4. Ended up with a loan of ، 6,260

Synonyms of Total

ultimate, pure, dyed-in-the-wool, downright, unmitigated, gross, crash, mount up to, prize, limitless, grand total, rank, run to, unconditional, unalloyed, real, come to, add up to, whole, unlimited


Meanings of Cost:
  1. (Item or action) requires payment (a fixed amount of money) before purchase or execution.

Synonyms of Cost

put a value on, rental, be valued at, value, toll, amount to, come to, hire charge, charge, sell for, fetch, estimate the price of, asking price, fee, be, estimate the cost of, put a figure on, price, fare, evaluate, tariff, market price