Definition of Tort:

  1. Violations of the law or violations of rights (other than contract rights) are the result of legal civil liability.

  2. This usually refers to private (public) and civil (against criminals) crimes for which the law can provide financial compensation to the injured party (see damages). However, some crimes (such as aggression) are crimes. Although (1) breach of contract is not generally subject to the law of civil liability, negligent taxi drivers (illegal work) breach the contract to get passengers safely to their destination. ()) In general, it must be proved that, therefore, this behavior was intentional or negligent. (3) The general solution to losses is financial compensation. In some cases (such as harassing neighbors), court orders may be issued to stop the proceedings. (4) The cause of the crime is usually not important. In some cases (such as malicious cruelty) hatred is very important.

Synonyms of Tort

Iniquity, Malfeasance, Slip, Immorality, Crime, Genocide, Peccadillo, Heavy sin, Misbehaviour, Offense, Injustice, Crime, Unethical behaviour, Delinquency, Sin of commission, Corruption, Omission, Enormity, Error, Vice, Trespass, Failure, Crime against humanity, Misdeed, Lawlessness, Evil, Fault, Deadly sin, Villainy, Transgression, Atrocity, Mischief, Impropriety, Wrongdoing, Wrong, Delict, Badness, Illegality, Sinful act, Indiscretion, Injury, Lapse, Wickedness, Inexpiable sin, Violation, Breach, Delinquency, Diablerie, Misconduct, Guilty act, Evil, Felony, Mortal sin, Iniquity, Malpractice, Sin of omission, Malum, Nonfeasance, Lawbreaking, Malefaction, Minor wrong, Peccancy, Criminality, Dereliction, Misdemeanor, Venial sin, Sinfulness, Naughtiness, Misfeasance, Sin, Trip, Unutterable sin, Sin, Outrage

How to use Tort in a sentence?

  1. After leaving the surgeon's scalpel in the operating patient's abdomen, the surgeon was accused of negligence.
  2. In response to a crime, a company may seek legal redress or compensation for damages incurred by the company.
  3. When people complain about a woman drinking hot coffee, people demand crime reform. In the end, however, it turned out that he had a legitimate complaint.
  4. Public harassment is both a crime and a crime.

Meaning of Tort & Tort Definition