Definition of Torsion:

  1. The action of twisting or the state of being twisted, especially of one end of an object relative to the other.

  2. Strain produced in a material by a twisting (torque).

Synonyms of Torsion

Ambages, Anamorphism, Anamorphosis, Anfractuosity, Asymmetry, Buckle, Circuitousness, Circumambages, Circumbendibus, Circumlocution, Circumvolution, Contortion, Convolution, Crinkle, Crinkling, Crookedness, Deflection, Deflexure, Detorsion, Deviation, Diffraction, Diffusion, Dispersion, Disproportion, Distortion, Flection, Flexuosity, Flexuousness, Flexure, Gnarl, Imbalance, Intorsion, Involution, Irregularity, Knot, Lopsidedness, Meander, Meandering, Quirk, Refraction, Rivulation, Scatter, Screw, Sinuation, Sinuosity, Sinuousness, Skewness, Slinkiness, Snakiness, Stress, Torque, Tortility, Tortuosity, Tortuousness, Turn, Turning, Twist, Twisting, Undulation, Unsymmetry, Warp, Wave, Waving, Winding, Wrench, Wrest, Wring

How to use Torsion in a sentence?

  1. As the cantilever executes small torsion resonant oscillations by twisting about its long axis, the cantilevers free end and the AFM tip rotate a very small angle about that axis.

Meaning of Torsion & Torsion Definition