Definition of Topography:

  1. The arrangement of the natural and artificial physical features of an area.

  2. Study and depiction (such as charts or maps) of the distribution, relative positions, and elevations of natural and man-made features of a particular landscape, such as mountains, rivers, valleys, and human settlements, railway lines, and roads.

Synonyms of Topography

Landscape, Countryside, Country, Terrain, Topography, Setting, Surroundings, Environment, Lambert conformal projection, Mercator projection, Miller projection, Aeronautical chart, Altimetry, Astronomical chart, Atlas, Azimuthal equidistant projection, Azimuthal projection, Bathymetry, Biometrics, Biometry, Cadastration, Cartographer, Cartography, Celestial chart, Celestial globe, Chart, Chorographer, Chorography, Climatic chart, Conic projection, Contour line, Contour map, Craniometry, Cylindrical projection, General reference map, Geodesy, Geodetic satellite, Geodetics, Geography, Globe, Gnomonic projection, Goniometry, Graphic scale, Grid line, Hachure, Heliographic chart, Hydrographic chart, Hypsography, Hypsometry, Index, Isoline, Latitude, Layer tint, Legend, Longitude, Map, Map maker, Map projection, Mapper, Mensuration, Meridian, Metrology, Navigation, Oceanography, Orbiting geophysical observatory, Parallel, Photogrammetrist, Photogrammetry, Photomap, Phototopography, Physical map, Planimetry, Political map, Polyconic projection, Projection, Psychometrics, Psychometry, Relief map, Representative fraction, Road map, Scale, Sinusoidal projection, Special map, Stereometry, Surveying, Terrain, Terrain map, Terrestrial globe, Thematic map, Topographer, Topographic chart, Transportation map, Weather chart, Weather map

How to use Topography in a sentence?

  1. The topography of the island.
  2. The Appalachian mountains is a region that is as well renowned for its culture as it is for its unique topography .
  3. When hiking in unfamiliar territory, having looked at a map of the topography of the area gives you an idea of general elevation change and location according to natural landmarks to help prevent getting lost.
  4. The topography of the United States is really interesting; you have the Appalachain Mountains on one side, and the Rocky Mountains on the other!.

Meaning of Topography & Topography Definition