Topia Definition

Topia Definition

What does the suffix cap mean? 3

I'm desperate.


And what language / word does it come from?

TOPOS From Greece, a place.

The first letter of utopia comes from the Greek OR, meaning NO. A utopia, therefore, is not a place. When Thomas Moore coined the term (16th century) in his book Utopia, he was writing about a place that did not exist.

Dystopia is a serious condition. The society described in the 1984 novel is dystopia. DYS comes from the Greek DUS, which means bad.

Definition of topic

In fact, it is not a suffix, but comes from the word utopia, which means an ideal and perfect place.

Location, location.

I think it's on topic, so it probably means a place like Utopia that asks me questions too. Why not utopia?

Height means space

It doesn't come from a word, it's a Greek root. ai doesn't mean anything, I think it was added that way.

Topia Definition