Top Oncology Hospitals in India | Best Cancer Hospitals in India

Cancer, itself as a word sounds devastating, and the pain that person along with his family goes through is even more excruciating. Research says the cancer cases havemultiplied in the past 30 years. Today’s modern lifestyle and toxicity in the surroundings is responsible for doubling the risk. Indeed it is an alarm without snooze for everyone to watch out for this fatal illness.

Fact Check:

  • Some most common kinds of cancer constituting 45% of casualties in India are Breast Cancer,Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer, and Mouth Cancer.

  • Common causes are toxic air environment, changing lifestyle, smoking habits, and heavy consumption of liquor.

  • After cardio issues, Cancer is the main cause of increasing the mortality ratio.

  • Breast Cancer and Ovarian Cancer are the most prominent kind of cancer illness in women.

  • Heavy use of carcinogenic agents like tobacco and alcohol is the cause of the increasing fatality rate in India.

Advancement in technologies used at cancer hospitals in India has given a quantum jump. The cancer institutes have their hands-over on various curing techniques using Radiotherapy, Chemotherapy, Brachytherapy, HIFU, Gamma Knife Surgery, Robotic Surgeries, etc.

Top 5 Cancer Hospitals in India:

Max Institute for Cancer Care

The first cancer hospital in India to introduce facilities like Novalis Tx for IMRT/IGRT, Radiosurgery, HIPEC, and SRS/SRT. The institutes are outfitted with an improved Da Vinci XI Robotic System designed for healing complicated ailments like prostate cancer, cervix, colorectal, andlethal tumors in the heart. The faculty is skilled in treating all kinds of Cancer with Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Surgery.

Max Institute for Cancer Care has its branches across India which includes:

  • Saket, Delhi
  • Patparganj, Delhi
  • Shalimar Bagh, Delhi
  • Max Smart- Saket, Delhi
  • Vaishali, Ghaziabad
  • Mohali, Punjab
  • Bhatinda, Punjab
  • Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Some of the renowned oncologists of Max:

  • Dr.Harit Chaturvedi
  • Dr. Anil Kumar Anand
  • Dr.Charu Garg
  • Dr.Gagan Gautam
  • Dr. Arun Goel and the list goes on.

Tata Memorial Government Hospital, Mumbai

Having affiliated and supported by the government, Tata Memorial is amongst the affordable cancer hospitals in India. It is in-house counselors and prominent faculty treating cancer for ages. It is highly equipped like any other private hospitals and offers digitalized Mammography, Surgical Microscopes, and anesthesia delivery procedures.

Fortis Hospital, Chennai

It was formerly known as Malar Hospital, Chennai, and identified as the multi-specialty cancer hospitals in India. The radiotherapy success rate in this hospital is 75%, treated by an experienced team of doctors running this lineage for more than 25 years.

Apollo Hospital, Chennai

It was founded in 1983 and has been attracting patients globally every year. It offers stem cell and bone marrow transplants, and painless robotic surgery to cure cancer.

AIIMS, Delhi

It is one of the oldest government hospitals in India curing cancer at a minimal cost. Every year AIIMS operates more than 4000 cancer cases in India through Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, and Clinical Surgery.

Getting the best hospital for your loved one suffering the deadly disease is a boon. The above list encapsulates cancer hospitals in India, to avoid you from knocking door to door for treatment.