Top-level Domain

Top-level Domain,

How Do You Define Top-level Domain?

  • Top-level Domain definition is: TLD For example, the last part of a domain address on the Internet. B. Work (trade), .gov (government), etc.

Literal Meanings of Top-level Domain


Meanings of Top:
  1. The highest or highest point of anything.

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Sentences of Top
  1. Eileen is at the top of the stairs.

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Meanings of Level:
  1. Horizontal plane or line in relation to the distance above or below a given point.

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Sentences of Level
  1. Unemployment rate

  2. I also use to measure the level correctly!

  3. Flood Plane

  4. We hit the rock

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Synonyms of Level

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Meanings of Domain:
  1. An area owned or controlled by a ruler or government.

Sentences of Domain
  1. Plant Janet in southwestern France

Synonyms of Domain

dominions, kingdom, territory, realm, estate, lands, province, dominion, empire, land

Top-level Domain,

What is Top-level Domain?

  • Top-level Domain means, TLDs are the last part of the Internet domain address, for example .com (commerce), .gov (government), etc.

Literal Meanings of Top-level Domain


Meanings of Top:
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  7. Shows the feeling of unstable quarks (type) with an electric charge of + 2/3. Top quarks have features like up quarks and charms, but they are more massive.

  8. exceed (amount, level or number).

  9. Damage when hitting outside the center of the ball (ball or shot).

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  11. B. Used as the upper layer. Strawberry cap

Sentences of Top
  1. He wears a hooded shirt

  2. Toast garnished with baked beans

  3. He passed through the fifth hole.

Synonyms of Top

high-grade, main, crowning point, upper layer, quality, coat, head, superior, greatest, beat, illustrious, reach the top of, elite, upper part, top of the line, defeat, ruling, topmost, top-quality, excel, commanding


Meanings of Level:
  1. (In video games) Any of a series of increasing difficulty levels that a player can go through to complete another level.

  2. A device marked along the horizontal plane of a horizontal plane to check if objects are horizontal.

  3. Has a flat, smooth surface.

  4. The same front and rear relative position.

  5. Provide a flat, even surface a.

  6. (Something, especially a game score) Doing the same thing or something like that.

  7. Determine the height difference of (region).

Sentences of Level
  1. The front yard is on the floor level.

  2. I have already reached the level of 106 in Candy Crush Saga.

  3. Ax field

  4. We have reached flat ground.

  5. The car sped back until it came to my level.

  6. Woods put the ball into the net for a draw.

Synonyms of Level

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Meanings of Domain:
  1. A specific subset of the Internet that has the same addresses or is controlled by a particular organization or person.

  2. Isolated area of ​​magnetism in ferromagnetic materials.

  3. A set of possible values ​​of an independent variable of a function.

  4. A specific region of a molecule or complex structure.

Synonyms of Domain

place, turf, patch, preserve, stamping ground, area, zone, sphere, country, manor, spot